About Us

We are an international sourcing company providing professional guidance in sourcing of home textiles, Bedding, Curtains, Towels, Apparels and ready-made garments around the globe. muiztex Sourcing is founded by a dynamic team of textile experts with years of experience in Pakistani textile clothing industry. At muiztex Sourcing, we are striving to build a modern, innovative and global sourcing company, which has market awareness and a strong supplier base with technical background.
Based on the experience that we gained in more than fifteen years in Pakistan textile clothing industry, we are exporting the wide range of textile clothing products to our customers in abroad and in the meantime, we are importing the raw&semi-raw materials from all over the world. We are providing services to our customers by helping them to find the right supplier with the best possible prices, required quality level and on time delivery.


To add value to the supply chain with our experience, values and motivation for achieving long term confidence of our customers and manufacturers.


To be one of the most reliable and effective sourcing company in PAKISTAN territority.


Client focus, flexiability, fairness, hard working, reliability & honesty, efficiency, sustainability, innovation and creativity, team work, collabration, investment to the human capital.


Natural fibres; (cotton, wool, silk , flax) in ecru and colours. Man-made fibres and tows; a) by transformation of natural polymers ( acetate, lyoc)


Woven Fabrics, manufactured both in airjet and rapier weaving machines, available in different widths  with cam, dobby or jacquard  shedding.


Floor; Carpets, Rugs, Door Mats, Carpeting, Flooring, Door Mats, Wall; Wallpapers, Wallcoverings Window; Decorative fabrics, Curtains.


Cotton Yarns; Organic, Regenerated, Recyled, Ring (Carded, Combed, Compact), Open End, Air Jet, Muratta Vortex Spun (MVS) , Covered with Elasthane,


Dry-Laid; Carded ; Chemically Bonded, Hydroentangled , Needle Punch, Stitchbonded, Thermobonded, High Loft ; Chemically Bonded , Thermobonded Sho


Fibres, Yarns , Fabric, Tapes,   Strings, Cords, Belts, Ropes, Cordage, Nets, Textile Bonding Systems, Membrane,   Multi Layered Composite.


Circular Knitted Fabrics; S.Jersey, Rib, 2*1 Rib, Transfer Rib, Milano rib, Interlock,   2-thread-fleece, 3-thread-fleece , Terry Fabric , Velou


Jersey,   wovens  and knitwear Wide range of clothing items  for  Infants Clothing, Childrenswear, Ladieswear, Menswear, Underwe


Based on the requirements of our customers,   we can supply eco-textile products certified with GOTS.


Raschel Fabrics; plain, slightly patterned, jacquard-patterned, stretch, non-stretch (rigid) and  high-stretch fabrics , raschel fabrics with simple


Zippers, wadding, felt, narrow woven fabrics, braids, tassels, buttons, snap fasteners  and pres studs , slide fasteners , elastic bands, cord


We buy & sell  overstocks , late shipment orders, cancelled orders, overproductions, leftovers, stock clearance items, closeouts .

What We Do

We understand that working in a foreign country can be difficult and troublesome Working with muiztex Sourcing can help you to overcome difficulties such as; language barrier, lack of knowledge & experience in a new business culture, cost of access and business follow up in a foreign country. With our expertise and assistance you will get a chance to do business as if you are a local company in Pakistan.

Sourcing Database

According to specific customer requirements in terms of quality, quantity, price, speed and flexibility we offer different possibilities and alternatives from the most suitable manufacturer. Access to an established network of manufacturers in continuous review and update is one of our most important guarantees. This database allows us to find quickly and efficiently the best match for our clients’ production needs. New manufacturers are continuously being added to the database. Existing manufactures are rated according to the clients’ requirements.

Production and Quality Control

To be able to ensure service and product quality and to select suitable manufacturers requires attention to detail
and know-how. To achieve this, muiztex Sourcing inputs the client’s quality requirements, procedures, and
guidelines together with our standard terms and conditions for precise performance of production. We follow the
realization of the production and work together with the supplier and customer in quality control & inspection step.

Shipping and Delivery

We always search the best  shipping  options  in terms of cost and speed  for air shipment, sea shipments and truck shipments . For any need during the shipment and delivery of the goods we cooperate with international transport agencys to support the client in customs clearance and reception practices.

Product Development

We  always search all the latest trends  in the local and international fairs, exhibitions and  new developments in our suppliers and we always offer our efforts to find new  products and complete collections for our customers. Market intelligence is always key factor in our business.


We verify the sales contract and we take care to correct any errors or discrepancies, reducing wasted time and always looking for the best conditions. We follow the entire document flow between supplier and customer (proforma invoice, letters of credit, shipping documents, certificates, etc.), Our job is to simplify and streamline the processes of both parties.


Our role as a sourcing company in Pakistan is finding the best supplier with the best prices in terms of quality, speed and flexibility. As a local partner our prices, including all our services  are extremely competitive thanks to intellegent & efficient  manufacturer database  that we have and  the total volumes that we generate in a year.


We study together the best way to distribute and sell your products in the Turkish market, defining together the concrete and achievable sales target.


More than fifteen  years in the market we know customers and the market dynamics for you to relate with serious and qualified companies and avoid unpleasant surprises, before, during and after production and delivery of goods.


It’s like having your own office on Pakistan territory available to assist customers, organize visits in Pakistan and stay up to date on the market and the most current requests.


We know very thoroughly the market and the customers of the Turkish textile &clothing sector, based on the characteristics of your production we identify the most potentially interested companies to work with you.


A single office for your business in Turkey, only one system to manage orders and production tracking, that allow you to deliver your time and resources in your core business like production and quality.


A tradition that relies on the professionalism and the quality of service. We serve as competent and reliable mediator for all kinds of conflicts, complaints and disputes between the customers and the suppliers. We are always back of the mutual rights of all parties.

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